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2012-11-27 11:26 pm

Save File Two

So I think I am making some friends here on The Wanderer.

I think I am closest to him. He is from the Grid, like Tron and the Flynn's. He protects the grid from infections and bad things. I like him a lot. He gives very nice hugs and his gears sound like a heart beat. He wears a helmet but he took it off for me and he it beautiful. Am I allowed to say that about a boy? I don't know how old he is or if he even likes me back so I will have to update this once I know.

The guy who lives in a cave and can't talk:

I'm not sure what his name is but he seems nice enough. He's huge. He's like a foot taller then me and has an awesome sword gun thing. I hope he comes across the hey chain so I can upgrade my keyblade.


I'm pretty sure he's a York. But I'm not sure. Also he is not a bunny. He said he would share candy with me sometime so I can look forward to that. He might be kind of broken. That's ok. Even broken people are worth keeping around.

The Doctor:

He's wonderful and full of adventures. I can tell. He's a traveler between worlds too. We went adventuring together. Will do full report after I learn more.

There are a few others but nothing too big to report. I think I may be planning an ice cream social to get to know people.

Hopefully tonight there won't be any nightmares.

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2012-11-27 10:20 pm

My Axios Bedroom Has Grass!!!

I chose this room because it had the ability to mimic sunlight coming in through the "windows".  It also has Grass as rugs so I can feel earth beneath my feet.