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Normally Jiminy would do this part for me. But since Jiminy's not here I guess  I will have to do this part.

I'd been so close; so close to saving him. Maybe that's the wrong word though because Riku was still there. He was alive and mostly happy. He just wasn't fully himself. He didn't look like himself. It's like he was missing a part of his soul. But he's my best friend and so I got used to him looking like someone else. I learned how to not be scared of him and how to trust him. I laughed with him. I  cried with him when he would look at himself in the mirror and hate himself so much that all he could do was lash out. And it was easy to make the promise that I would find a way to make him whole again.

And I's been so close. I was standing there at the door to darkness, only a breath away from Riku. Not the Riku that I'd spent the last few years fight beside but the pieces of him that he's pushed away so he could win any battle. It was his youth and innocence and frailty. He was so bright and broken and I had been so close to touching him and being able to bring him back.

But then I was here; on The Wanderer. I'm a test subject I think. I don't know what the point is but I have two weeks to wait and the people are interesting and new. I met a thing called Delta soon after getting here and he says he's an artificial intelligence unit like tron but he's so tiny and green so I'm pretty sure he's actually a fairy from Neverland. It make sense since fairies are so tiny that they only have room for one emotion and this guy only seems to have logic. 

I also met Anon from the Grid. I'm glad there are others here who know a little about my world. It also means that there must be a darkness here that must be brought into the light. The recording says it should be able to take me back right where and when i was so there's a still a chance I can save Riku. So for now I will be patient and make new friends. I like making new friends.

Sora out.


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